Canadian Centre for Accreditation

Board and Staff

Members of the Board and staff of CCA bring experience and expertise in accreditation across all the sectors we serve.

Board Members

Nicki Collins - Board Chair - Executive Director, Maltby Centre

Michelle Hurtubise - Vice Chair - Executive Director, Ontario Centre of Excellence for Child and Youth Mental Health

Karen Parsons - Secretary/Treasurer - Executive Director, Peel Addiction Assessment Referral Centre 

Nancy Chamberlain - Executive Director, Thunder Bay Counselling

Joe Bortolussi - Retired Health Care Director

Joanne Johnston - Executive Director, WAYS Mental Health Support 

Diane Walker - Executive Director, Children’s Centre Thunder Bay

Dorothy Bakos, Director – Founding Member Family Service Ontario

Anka Brozic, Director – Founding Member Alliance for Healthier Communities 

Stephen Doig, Director

Jeff Schwartz, Director – Founding Member Ontario Association of Credit Counselling Services 


Siu Mee Cheng
Executive Director

Carl Blacquiere
Accreditation Manager

Pedro Lara
Accreditation Specialist 

Evelyn Hensman
Executive Assistant