Canadian Centre for Accreditation

Family Services

CCA supports family service agencies to meet new challenges and excel through standards that reflect best practices in community-based operations, services and programs.

Accreditation with CCA positions agencies that offer family services to keep pace with accountability expectations and lead when it comes to service quality.

The Right Fit

Who should choose this program?

CCA accreditation in this sector is geared to family service organizations that provide family counselling and groups, and to family service organizations that provide employee assistance services, whether as Master Contract Holders or as a service providers.

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Organizations are asked to meet a common set of Organizational Standards, as well as standards specific to their family service programs and services. 

The Organizational Standards look at the whole agency, and cover things like governance, management, planning, quality improvement, and important risk management functions. The standards also look for person-centred services, a strength-based approach, accessibility of services, and engagement and responsiveness to the communities served.

The Family Counselling and Groups standards apply to an agency’s family counselling services and group programs and services. Standards assess areas such as accessibility and intake, service planning, counselling approach, methodologies and modalities, record keeping, educational background and experience of staff, and supervision, consultation and support to professional staff. There are standards specific to e-counselling and group services.

Family service agencies that offer employee assistance are also asked to meet a set of standards specific to employee assistance providers.

Engagement of the sector

CCA standards are developed with the input of sector leaders through our evaluation surveys, advisory groups, critical readers and pilot reviews. The development process also includes reviews of relevant research literature and emerging sector issues. CCA’s Family Counselling and Groups Standards originated from the Canadian Family Service Accreditation Program standards and have since been revised.

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